✿ 10 important people ✿

1) People who LOVED me.. You made my heart bigger.. You made my heart warm.. You taught me what is the meaning of love..

2) People who HATED me.. You made me a stronger person.. You made me want to improve myself..

3) People who CARED about me.. You made me feel important..

4) People who ENVIED me.. You made my self-esteem grows.. When you envied me, i knew that i have something really special about myself..

5) People who WORRIED about me.. You let me know that there's people who really care about me.. 

6) People who LEFT me.. You showed me that not everything last forever.. You let me know that ALLAH is always by my side..

7) People who willing to STAYED all along by my side.. You made me appreciate the meaning of friendship bonding..

8) People who MAKE ME HAPPY.. I may not smile if i don't have you..

9) People who TREAT ME LIKE RUBBISH.. You made me learn about what is grudges.. 

10) Whoever people who ENTERED my LIFE.. You made me who i am today.. Thanks..


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